Parade of the Wooden Soldiers - Front Row Choreography

Go up on pitch to start at tapeline
M 1-4 	“The toyshop counter top is filled with wooden soldiers grand”	
 Palm up on “toyshop”;   One handed-all about me with o/s hand during
“countertop is filled” ; hand goes down on “with wooden” and is there by “grand”.

M 5-12 	They patiently await the dusk   as   stiff   and   proud   they   stand. While children’s  laughter  fills   the   shop,   the  hours   go   quickly past 
 Step out w/R leg and chest outward on “stiff”
 Back to NCP on “chi-“ 

M 13-16	But  wooden soldiers long for night when shades are drawn  and then at last. 
 Bend knees to sway out  on “night”; bend knees and go back on “shades
are drawn” step back into NCP on “then”

M 17-24   The toyshop store is locked up tight, and everything is quiet for the night, when
	L		together		R	       together
 suddenly the clock strikes twelve the fun’s begun.”
   L		   together		      R     together
 Slow step touches (half-time) – LEFT first.  Steps happen on the underline
words.  Your arms will move up and down naturally.  Hands in fists and raise arms to parallel with floor as though holding candlesticks 
 “Fun” – Bring right hand to salute.  Everyone uses the right hand.  (be sharp!)
 “Be-“ – Hand moves from forehead straight out…again, be sharp!
 “-gun” – Hand down…sharp!

M 25-32 “The dolls are in their best array.  There’s going to be a wonderful parade. 
  Hark to the drum. “Oh here they come!” cries everyone.

 Step w/outside foot  turn in ; you and partner clap hands on “best”    R side circles clockwise, L side, counter clockwise on “there’s going to be a wonderful parade.”
 “Hark to the drum, Oh here they come!” cries everyone. -
In partner’s place here; Step w/inside foot  turn out on “to” ; you and partner clap hands on “here” Partners hand  circle up	
 back to NCP on “everyone” {those who were backwards turn to face audience.} 

M 33-36  “Hear them all cheering, now they are nearing.  There’s the captain stiff 
     As starch!
 Sharp split ripple from inside out;    2 by 2 moves, step across body with inside foot pointing towards outside;  pointed foot (bent) and turn in. 
 Hand by ear while leg goes across body 
 “there’s the captain stiff as starch” – outside hand, palm up, toward director on “there’s the captain”…sharply down by side on “stiff”

M 37-40  “Bayonettes flashing, music is crashing as the wooden soldiers march”
 R and L sides make 2 rectangles by marching. Emily and Diann start us off by bending on first step and sharply turning to the outside. While they step up, everyone else turns inward, but head is still to audience throughout march. Arms are in marching position, too. R foot, L Arm. See attached chart

M 41-44    “Sabers are clinking, soldiers are winking at each pretty little maid.”
 Center two people should be on their way back now.
 “Little maid” -Outside 3 people should land one step up, but back at place	

M 45-48  	(1.) Here they come. (2.) Here they come.  (3.) Here they come. (4.) Here
they come.  Wooden soldiers on parade, ( the big parade)
 Same groups as Mack, The Knife	 
M,K,T lunge R sideways with right hand by mouth on 1st “here they come”,  
De,Rm,B, lunge L side-ways with left hand by mouth on 2nd “here they come”,                
Em,J,Amy lunge forward with right hand by mouth on basses “here they come”        Di,An,L lunge forward with left hand by mouth on final “here they come” 
 “Wooden soldiers on parade” - Hand comes down slowly and stand back to normal position
 “Wooden soldiers on parade” - Em, Judy, Diann and Annette get in line with Becky
 “(the big parade)” -M,K,B & L turn with R foot.  Diann & Annette step turn with L foot 

M 49-46 “Daylight is creeping, dollies are sleeping in the toy shop window fast.  Soldiers
so jolly think of each dolly, dreaming of the night that’s past.”

 *The large pinwheel w/Becky turns counter clockwise and takes whole time to get back into place.  The two smaller pinwheels turn clockwise and then change direction on “soldiers so jolly”.. 
 *Step change with R foot – hold-  and switch direction
Soldiers so jolly think of each dolly dreaming of the night that’s past (key change).
 All who are backward, turn

M 57-60 “When in the morning, without a warning, toyman pulls the window shade”
 “When in the morning” - All bend legs and scoot back to NCP 
 “toyman” stand in NCP at attention. 
M 61-64“There’s no sign the wood brigade was ever out upon parade.”
 “There’s” – Lean slightly forward/crouching down…bring o/s finger to mouth in a “hush” sign.  Sharp.
 Hold it during “no sign”
 Bring hand slowly down on “wood brigade was ever”
 All the way down on “ever”

M 65-END  “Farewell to the big parade.”
 Inside 6 – Stiff wave on “farewell”.
*Swing outside arm toward you on “fare-“. 
*Pop arm out to wave on “-well.” (Ends up out beside your head)
 Outside 6 – Stiff wave on “the big”
*Swing outside are toward you on “the”
*Pop arm out to wave on “big”
 Everybody – Bring elbow down on “pa-.” Pop hand all the way up on “-rade.” (Straight arm at a 45 degree angle from shoulder.)
REMEMBER to build the last note even though our hands are still.  The last move is stiff.

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