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Intro:     “Forget about romance tonight”

* R Hand swings up to snap on “-get”, hold hand still at snap position on “about”, and slide hand down imaginary wall (palm to audience) on “romance.”

     * Raise both hands in front on last note of “tonight.”


M 6-7: “How come Henry dear”

* Hands in a question pose, slowly expand outward, R hand slightly higher, turn body to R on “dear.”


M 8-9: “said Missus Henry Brown, Henry Brown”

     * Both hands on back of hips, hands pointing down on “Mis.” 

* Frame face with hands on the repeat of “Henry Brown.”


M 10: “You always disappear”

* Large starburst – Hands straight up on “always.” (Do not lower hands from framing face before this move.)


M 11-13:  “when the evenin’ sun goes down”

     * Pulse the L shoulder by moving the shoulder slightly forward on “eve’”, “sun”, and “down.”


M 14-15: “You get all slicked up and try to sneak around”

* RISER ROWS 1 AND 3 ONLY…  Slide your outside hand over the side of your hair (like a Grease move) during “all slicked up”.  Then lean forward (chorus… yes) on “sneak.”

* RISER ROWS 2 AND 4 ONLY… Put your hands on the shoulders of the person to your R on the row below you on “and try”.  Peek over the person’s R shoulder on “sneak,” and peek over her L shoulder on “around.”  Put hands down, sharp, on “stay” of the next phrase.


M 16-17:  “Stay out late and paint the town”

     * Move in skin on “stay out late.”

* Have outside hand in a jazz hand out from face, and shake hand while pulsing body on “paint” and “town.”  Hand goes down on “can’t” of the next phrase.


M 18-19:  “You can’t through that door/thru that door”

* FLUID MOTION – Hand comes down from previous line on “can’t” then starts back up in a pointed finger, same outside hand, and points down tiles on “door” OR “thru”… whichever you sing.


M 20-21:  “without your mama anymore”

     * Turn quickly back to Marilyn on “mama.”

* Do a 2-handed All About Me move ( both hands moving from center to outside at boob level) on “mama anymore.”


M 22-25:  “Mama goes where papa goes, or papa don’t go out tonight”  THIS WILL BE REPEATED LATER.

* Fake walk starting with R foot on “Mama goes where papa goes.”

* Shake finger of outside arm gently (sexy rather than mean) “Papa don’t go out tonight.”  Hand is down by end of “night.”


M 26-28: “Mama goes cause papa knows he can’t be trusted out of her”

     * Move in skin.


M 29: “out of her sight”

     * Outside hand moves across face in a jazz hand.  Is down by the end of the phrase.


M 30-31: “Mama’s got a feelin that she must be ne-hear”

* On “NE-hear”… Turn body to middle, spread hands palms down, one in front and one in back, and bend knees on “NE-“.

* Pop up and forward on “-hear.”

M 32-33: “Just to help her papa keep his conscience clear”

* Return to normal by “papa.”

* EMOTE on “conscience clear”… move head.


M 34-37: “So mama goes where papa goes or papa don’t go out tonight”



M 37-39: “Oh, no, Papa don’t go out tonight”  THIS WILL BE REPEATED NEXT TIME…

     * You lower finger like before except then, SURPRISE, you bring it back up on “no.”

* On “night”, raise outside arm straight up beside your head.  (Hand will come down in next phrase.


M 39-41: “Here’s your bedroom slippers and your favorite pipe…”

     * Lower arm on “Here’s your” keeping arm straight.

* Pulse L shoulder on “bed” and “slip.”

     * Outside arm comes up near head during “favorite”, fingers pop up on “pipe.”


M 42-43: “your yellow bathrobe and with the purple stripe”

* Cross outside arm over to opposite shoulder (it is up from previous move) on “yellow bathrobe.”

     * On “purple stripe” bring BOTH hands flowing down close to your sides in jazz hands.


M 44-45: “your armchair and the paper you can read”

* Lean forward slightly and extend both arms straight out in front of you, palms together, on “your armchair.”

* Bring arms out sideways on “and the paper”, then straight down on “you can read.”


M 45-47: “Cause honey you ain’t steppin’ out on me that’s, guaranteed”

     *Bend knees on “you.”

* Swing left shoulder forward on “step.”

* Bend knees on “out.”

* Swing R shoulder forward on “me.”

* On “guaranteed”…  turn body to face the middle, and put hands on the front of hips, fingers down.


M 48-49: “teacher used to tell me when I went to scho-ool”

* Hands move from the front of hips to jazz hands sideways, one arm out farther than other on “teach-“, “tell”, and “I.”  (Hands return to hips each time.)

* Head turns to center then back to audience on “scho-ool.”


M 50-51: “any gal who trusts a man’s a doggone fool”

* Now hands move from hips to push forward, like pushing something away, on “any” and “trusts.”

* Outside hand moves to back side of hips on “dog”; inside hand on “gone.”

* On “fool”, turn body sharply to Marilyn and frame face with hands.


M 52-59: “Mama goes where papa goes or papa don’t go out tonight, oh no, papa don’t go out tonight.  Papa don’t go out tonight.”

     * REPEAT, but add swinging, snapping hands while walking.  And bigger on the pointing.

* Outside arm comes down during last “papa don’t go out tonight.”


M 59-60: “I’ll wear the pants”

* Stage R people, Put thumb to chest, elbow out, turned toward the center on “I’ll”.  HOLD the pose.


M 61: “You’ve had your chance”

     * Stage L people, Point with outside arm, turning body towards middle, on “you’ve.”


M 62-end: “Forget romance, tonight.”

* Swing arm up to snap on “for-get” and slide hand down wall on “romance.”

* On “to-“, bring hands in fists to chest, then burst out, growing during “night”, outside arm high, inside arm low.