An Expalanation of Regions
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Once upon a time, when God created heaven, earth, and Sweet Adelines, there were no regions. Lacking a system of communication with outlying choruses, the wise leaders on cloud Tulsa created a system of Regional (area) Reporters to be responsible for gathering and conveying news. Concurrent therewith (or at least in the same general era), since a national competition was held annually to determine the best quartet, there arose in devoted members a desire for official annual determination of the best local chorus and quartet. This desire was conveyed to the wise leaders, who pronounced that it was good. Having Regional Reporters already in place, the leaders drew boundary lines around the outlying clouds and decreed that they should be Regions, and that the Regional Reporter was to become leader (Regent). At this time, however, the word of heavenly music had not spread throughout the whole land, so the wise leaders gathered together and organized a numbering system for the clouds. Starting in the Northeast/East coast, they created Region 1. Proceeding in a westward direction, toward settlers in the Michigan area, they created Region 2. Proceeding further west toward the great settlements in Peoria and Chicago, Illinois, they created Region 3. By this time the gospel of music was rapidly spreading, and the wise leaders backtracked to the neighboring Ohio valley, naming Region 4, and to cloud Wisconsin, naming Region 5 (yes, folks, Region 5 used to be there). Meanwhile, brave settlers in the great plains had heard the gospel, and Region 6 was born. Moving in a southerly direction, cloud Tulsa was included in Region 7 with neighborning states of Missouri and Kansas. As the pioneers continued to move west, singers in the great Rocky Mountains were designated as Region 8. By this time, however, many of the foremothers had grown old and were desirous of a warmer climate. The wise leaders agreed that it was time to fly south to avoid winter storms, and it was agreed that a safe haven would be created around Florida, to be called Region 9. After the winter storms ceased, word spread of harmonizing in the great state of Texas, and many groups were discovered there (after all Texans were always first and best at everything), who were named Region 10. Forging onward across the great southwest, it was discovered that those who had sought their fortune in the California gold rush had begun harmonizing, and the west coast was divided into three new areas--Region 11 in the south, Region 12 in the middle, and Region 13 in the Washington/Oregon area. And the wise leaders saw that it was good. However, such rapid growth had occurred in Region 1 that the wise leaders saw it necessary to divide that cloud, leaving Region 1 to the north and creating Region 14 to the south. The Region 14 area continued to grow and prosper until a new division was found to be necessary, and the northern portion was named Region 15. The Northeastern settlement in Region 1 also continued to grow and prosper, and had even grown to international acclaim with neighbors from Canada joining in harmony, and Region 16 was born in Canada and upstate New York. And the wise leaders once again saw that it was good. And so it remained for many years, until 1975. The gospel continued to spread, though, and the Regions grew and prospered until the local competitions were so long that the wise judges were found to be sleeping in the pits before they had completed their task of selecting the best groups. And once again the wise leaders convened to consider a census and a more equitable redistricting. New clouds were formed, and many existing chapters were transported from older clouds to form the new clouds. Region 17 was created from pioneers in Michigan and Ohio. Region 18 was created to the east of 17, with pioneers from eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Region 19 was created from pioneers in eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. Region 5 was combined with those pioneers in the eastern portion of Region 6, and Region 20 was created for pioneers in the western portion of Region 6 and the great plains states. A memorial service was conducted for Region 5. Finally, Region 21 was created in the southwest for pioneers in Southern California, Arizona (Region 11), and New Mexico and El Paso, Texas (Region 8). And once again the wise leaders saw that it was good. And they rested. Some years passed, but it became necessary, once again, to create new clouds. Settlers in the western Illinois, eastern Missouri area were designated as Region 5 (reborn). Settlers in the old Region 5 were named Region 22. Settlers in Dixie, headed for the safe haven in Florida, but not yet quite ready, were named Region 23. Settlers in Oregon and Southern Idaho were named Region 24. Settlers in the great land of Tulsa were combined with those in North Texas, eastern Missouri, Arkansas, and North Louisiana to form Region 25. Finally, those settlers in western Canada were designated Region 26. It was soon found that settlers in Region 18 had been transported to several nearby clouds, leaving no inhabitants, and a memorial service was conducted for Region 18. Meanwhile, back at the ranch cloud, the great Princess Gooch was traveling throughout the world, spreading the gospel of harmony. Devotees in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom were designated Region 27 but, after the passing of several years, a memorial service was held for Region 27 and followers across the pond were designated as "Areas." After the passing of time, these areas were once again named Regions, with the British Isles designated as Region 31, Scandinavia designated as Region 32, the Netherlands designated as Region 33, and Australia and New Zealand designated as Regions 34 and 35, respectively. And once again the wise leaders saw that it was good. And so it remains until this day. (Who knows what tomorrow bringeth!)