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"Man, I Feel Like a Woman"

Updated (6/25/00)

Starting position: Chorus is in three section standing close together with gap between each section.

Measure 3: Pose on "pah" - Chorus Right side: have L palm in at stomach & R palm out at shoulder (Jazz Hands), Chorus Left side: opposite with R palm at stomach & L palm out at shoulder (Jazz Hands), Middle Chorus splits to inside hand with inside jazz hand palm out and by face & outside hand up above head with elbow bent with palm showing.

Measures 4 - 8 is free-style movement back to your original chorus positions.

Pickup to measure 8:

Left size of chorus does NOT do what the R side is doing ... just do your own thing.

Right side of chorus steps R on "going" with R hand out & finger fake snap out to side, L on "tonight" with finger fake snap in, "feeling" with R hand at face with palm out, "right" with L hand at face palm out, pickup to measure 10 stand there on measure 11 Three hands ("shaking water"): 1. high 2. medium 3. shoulder

Pickup to measure 12:

Right side of chorus does NOT do what the L side is doing .. do your own thing.

Left side of chorus steps R on wanna with R hand out & finger fake snap, L on "noise", "really", jazz hands at face & head tilt to R, "voice", jazz hands still at face & head tilt to L. Hands come down on yeah, I wanna .. on "scream" R jazz hand to face, on first beat of "shout" L jazz hand to face, THEN on beat 2 head goes left then on beat three head goes back (still between hands). Then hands down on "pop".

Pickup to measure 16 same as measure 3 pose only pose on "ah"

Pickup to measure 18:

Step R on "no" and pivot right Step L on "Make" and pivot left Pickup to measure 20 get in clumps of 3 (use your window people below you & put your outside hand on their shoulder). On "outta line", back people (or person) peeks around.

Pickup on measure 22:

Nothing on "I aint gonna act". On "politically" right finger snap and again on "correct" "I only wanna have", dealing cards out in front x 3. On "Good" hands go to chest and on "time" hands push out & down.

Measure 26-31 pulse. On PerROGative "chorus yes position".

Measure 32 hands up over head to right on "totally", fake snap forward on "crazy". Do this 4 times bringing arms down on "men's shirts, short skirts".

Measure 34, shoulders up and down on "who" or "oh' whichever word you sing. Measure 36 right hand on right thigh goes up leg & shoot out over your head on "style" then out to right side on "oh-oh-oh".

Measure 38 R arm bent at elbow like choo-choo out and in on "get in the action", same move with body added on 'feel the attraction' (but bigger move).

Measure 40 R fingers on R side of head on Color my hair, "then L fingers on L side of head on "do what I dare", then jazz hands at face on 2nd beat of measure 41. Hands down on "I wanna be free". On Measure 45, "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" Forward stance & MEAN IT!

Measure 47 same as beginning of song pose on "Hoo!"

At measure 51 go back to measure 18:


Measure 18-21: Step R & pivot, L & pivot, then pose in clumps of 3.

Measure 22-25: finger snap x2, deal cards x3, hands at chest on "hang" and push out and down.

Measure 26-31 pulse stance; "chorus yes position" on prerogative

Measure 31 arms over head, fake snaps, down on 33

Measure 34 shoulders on "who" or "oh"

Measure 36 R hand up right thigh then shoots up & out to side

Measure 38 choo choo with R arm, then arm & body

Measure 40 R fingers on R side of head, L fingers on L side

Measure 41 Jazz hands at face then down on Measure 42

Measures 51 & 52 forward stance

Measure 53-58 "doom ba's" (Big circles around going up high over head then down), start with hands over head on the left side and shake wrists over head for 24 counts.

Measure 59 - 60 Shoulders go in & out on "dahs" or 'pops" whichever word you say.

Back to Measure 26-44 (Same)

Measure 65 on "pah" ALL chorus goes to the R (beginning position)

Measure 68 on "dah" ALL chorus goes over head with fists crossed

Measure 70 on "pah' ALL chorus goes jazz hands to face

All hands go DOWN on bass pick up "I feel"

Then on "wo" of woman R arm goes all the way up

Then on "man' of woman L arm goes all the way up.


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