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M 1-4  “The toyshop counter top is filled with wooden soldiers grand” 

·         Outside hand comes up in front (palm up) on “toy.”

·         Begin All About Me on “counter top.”

·         Hand down on “wood.”


M 5-12 “They patiently await the dusk as stiff and proud they stand.  While children’s laughter fills the shop, the hours go quickly past”

·         Chorus Yes move on “stiff.”


M 13-16 “But wooden soldiers long for night, when shades are drawn and then, at last”

·         Sway to the outside, slowly, on “long for night.”

·         Sway to inside on “when shades are drawn.”

·         Return to middle on “and then.”


M 17-24 “The toy shop store is locked up tight, and everything is quiet for the night,

                                L                              together                 R                   together

when suddenly the clock strikes twelve the fun’s begun.”

                L                 together                                      R        together

·         Slow Step Touches (half time) – LEFT first.  Steps happen on the underline words.  Your arms will move up and down naturally.  Hands in fists; raise arms to parallel with floor, as though holding a candle.

·         “Fun” – Bring right hand to salute.  Everyone uses the right hand.  (Be Sharp!)

·         “Be-“ – Hand moves from forehead straight out… again, be sharp!

·         “-gun” – Hand down… sharp.


M 25-32 “The dolls are in their best array.  There’s going to be a wonderful parade.  Hark to the drum.  ‘Oh, here they come,’ cries everyone.”

·         Ad lib acting on “the dolls are in their best array.”

·         Move in space.


M 33-36 “Hear them all cheering, now they are nearing.  There’s the captain stiff as starch.”

·         Bright faces on “cheering.”

·         Point with outside hand to director on “There’s.”

·         Hand down on “stiff.”


M 37-38 “Bayonets flashing, music is crashing”

·         2 step touches to the outside.  (Split move.) 

·         Small starburst (2 hands) on “crashing.”


M 39-40 “As the wooden soldiers march.”

·         Hold position…. Emote.


M 41-44 “Sabers are clinking, soldiers are winking at each pretty little maid.”

·         2 step touches to the inside.  (Split move; return to place.)

·         Small starburst with outside hand on “winking.”


M 45-48 “(1.) Here they come.  (2.) Here they come. (3.) Here they come. (4.) Here they come.  Wooden soldiers on parade.”

·         (Same groups as the end of Mack the Knife.) 

* The outside stage R group is 1. 

* Inside stage R is 2. 

* Outside stage L is 3. 

* Inside stage L is 4.

·         When it is your turn, put your hand to mouth as though yelling.  (outside arm)  Body lunges out to side.

·         Hand pops out away from face on “wood-,” then slowly comes down “soldiers on parade.”


M 49-56 “Daylight is creeping, dollies are sleeping in the toy shop window fast.  Soldiers so jolly think of each dolly, dreaming of the night that’s past.”

·         Move in your space.

·         Don’t forget the key change on “past.”


M 57-60 “When in the morning, without a warning, toyman pulls the window shade.”

·         Step touch to L on “when.”

·         Step touch to R on “with-.”  (One step touch in each direction.)

·         Chorus Yes on “toy.”  This will come immediately after the step touches.  Think of it as one move.


M 61-64 “There’s no sign the wood brigade was ever out upon parade”

·         “There’s” – Bring finger to mouth in a ‘hush’ sign.  Sharp. 

·         Hold it during “no sign.”

·         Bring hand slowly down on “wood brigade was ever.”

·         All the way down on “ever.”


M 65-End “Farewell to the big parade.”

·         Inside sections of the chorus – Stiff wave on “farewell.”

* Swing outside arm toward you on “fare-.” (Like you are about to wave… cause you are.)

* Pop arm out to wave on “-well.”  (Ends up out beside your head.)

·         Outside sections of the chorus – Stiff wave on “the big.”

* Swing outside arm toward you on “the-.” (Like you are about to wave… cause you are.)

* Pop arm out to wave on “big.”  (Ends up out beside your head.)

·         Everybody – Bring elbow down on “pa-.”  Pop hand all the way up on “-rade.”  (Straight arm at a 45 degree angle from shoulder.)

·        Remember to build the last note even though our hands are still.  The last move is stiff.