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We Go Together Chorus Choreography

M 1-8 Wah-oo or Shoobity bop bop, shoobity bop bop. I know he's a my baby.  Shoobity bop bop, Shoobity bop bop.  Yeah he drives a me crazy
Begin walking in place with your R foot on "OOH" or the rest before you start singing shoobity.  Use your knees to put a bounce in your step; this will help us keep the backbeat.

M 9-10  A wop ba-ba loo bop a wop bam boom (clap, clap)
Clap hands twice at the indicated places.

M 11-14 We go together like rama lama lama ka ding a ding dong
Hook arms with your neighbors on together.
Bounce to the R twice on ra-ma la-ma la-ma.
Bounce to the L twice on ding and ding.
Drop arms on Together of the next line.

M 15-18  Together forever like shoo bop shoo wadda wadda yippity boom dih boom.

M 19-20 Chang chang, changitty chang shoo bop  (*This will be repeated.)
Raise hands above head, straight up from shoulders.  Keep arms slightly bent.
Swing hands in fists from elbows to the R then L on chang chang.
Pop hands open to jazz hands and swing them twice R, L, R, L on changity chang shoo bop.
Bring arms down quickly.

M 21-24  Thats the way it should be.

M 24-26 Wha ooh Yeah!
Hands slide up by face, jazz hands, on wha ooh.
Pop hands out on Yeah!  Outside hand goes up and out.  Inside goes down and out.
Srms down quickly.

M 27-28 Were one of a kind like

M 29-30 Dip da dip da dip, doo bee doobee doo
Swing R shoulder to the front and snap R hand low on the underlined dip.
Swing R shoulder back and raise Rhand up behind you.  Snap on the underlined doo.
Hand swings down gently as next line begins.
(It helps to move your feet as you swing shoulders on this one.)

M 31-34 Our names are signed, like boogedy boogedy boogedy boogedy, shoo bee doo wop doo wop
Jazz hands in front of you, palms to audience make a circle from L to R in front of you with both hands on the boogedys.
Same move, other direction on shoo bee doo wop doo wop.

M 35-36  Chang chang changity chang shoo bop 

M 37-42 Well always be like one.  Wah wah wah wah
Emote move your head on the wahs.

M 43-58

M 59-62  At night I dream about you.  Wah, wah
Slowly turn body to the R and raise R hand into air.
On the Wahs keep your body turned to R, but pop head to the front and make a yeah, right face.

M 63-66 I promise I will be true.  Wah wah
Slowly turn body to the L.  Hands join and slowly raise to the L clasped together in a pleading pose.
Again, turn head to front in funny face on the wahs.

M 67-68 Wop bop a loo bop a wop bam boom
Turn body to normal position quickly, out of last pose.
Clap at indicated spots.

M 69-73  Were for each other like wop bop a loo bop a wop bam boom Just like
Begin walking with R foot.  Hands in fists.  Really swing arms and rock back and forth as you walk in place.  Begin on wop.
Your arms will swing 5 times and return to normal on Just like.

M 73-76 Just like my brother is shana nana nana, yippity boom de boom.
Slide R arm, across in front of you L to R, palm down, parallel to floor, on shana nana nana.
Fingers together, pop R hand straight up by your head and right back fown on yippity.  Then pop hand out to R and back (parallel to floor) on boom de boom.
Keep hand there for a second to go right into changity.

M 77-78 Chang chang changity chang shoo bop 

M 79-85

M 86-87 Oh, yeah.
Turn body to center and bring arms in and back on oh.
Outside arm comes out and up, back hand stays power spread, on yeah.

M 89-90 Wop ba ba loo bop a wop bam boom.
Pretend drums R then L in a crossing motion; R then L straight in front; R then L cross again, and down.  SHARP!!            				THE END